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In 1968 Tricky Dick Nixon and Spiro Agnew, a cheap crook who managed to become vice president of the United States, claimed they represented the Silent Majority.

Nixon and Agnew took the law-and-order ideas of Alabama’s George Wallace and reshaped the Republican Party into a more populist, anti-media, anti-elite direction. If this sounds familiar, it was this same Silent Majority strategy that carried Donald Trump to the presidency in 2016.

The pro-Trump Silent Majority is alive and waiting to try again in 2024. They number between 45 and 50 million hard-core voters.

One the other side we have another not-so-Silent Majority: the politically correct, woke, liberal Democrat voters who voted Joe Biden into office. They have between 70 and 75 million voters. In 2024 they will beat Trump easily, although he will claim he’s been robbed again.

I don’t want Donald Trump back in the presidency. I never voted for him and I never will.

And Joe Biden, who I voted for, is starting to wear on my nerves. His move to the left of dopey Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is frightening.

He promised to bring this split country back together again and so far he’s failed.

Do you want to know what’s wrong with this country?

It comes down to this:

The Democrats are never going to do the people of this country any good as long as all they can think about is Donald Trump.

The Republicans are never going to do the people of this country any good as long as all they can think about is Donald Trump.

Joe Biden is more interested in destroying anything Trump did, good or bad, than he is in bringing the country together.

Want one example?

The Abraham Accords were a good thing that helped keep the Middle East quiet during the four years Trump was in office.

Slowly but surely, the countries of the Middle East were uniting around Israel in order to stop their real enemy, Iran.

Joe Biden came into office and immediately started to redo the horrible Iran nuclear deal that was guaranteed to make Iran a nuclear power in a few years.

Hamas took a U.S. change in policy towards Israel as an opportunity to lob thousands of bombs at the population of Israel.

Hamas doesn’t care who dies on either side, so they set up their guns and rockets in the middle of the most populated area in the Palestinian sector.

In a sense, they hide behind children.

Naturally Israel fought back, and children on both sides died.

So what did kindly uncle Joe Biden do?

He told Israel to stop retaliating for the attack on Israel. And he didn’t say a public word to reprimand the instigators, Hamas.

That’s when I realized Joe Biden was acting exactly like my grandmother Fortuna Corsaro.

When I was 10 or 11, I would torture my little brother Joe by hitting him to start a fight.

He would start crying.

My grandmother Fortuna was watching us because both my mother and father were working.

She would look at me and I would say,

“He hit me second so I hit him first. He me second so I hit him first.”

I was taking advantage of the fact that my grandmother only knew two words of English: “NO HOME,” which she shouted whenever a peddler came to the door.

I would point at my brother and say in a hurt tone, “He hit me second so I hit him first.”

With that my grandmother would give my innocent brother a smack on the ass, causing him to cry even more.

Hamas said to Joe Biden, “Israel bombed us second so we bombed them first.”

And Joe believed it and the New York Times and the liberal media and the anti-Israel left celebrated.

Because in essence Joe Biden smacked Israel on the ass because they were attacked.

Want another example of how both the Democrats and Republicans are so dumbstruck by Donald Trump they will do anything to get the advantage over each other in the next election?

Election Day.

There was a time when Election Day was one day, early in November. Schools closed, people got two hours off from work to vote, and everybody in the country got to vote at the same time.

The only people who suffered on Election Day were alcoholics who could not buy a drink anywhere in the country because it was Election Day.

Then along came early voting, which started in California, where most bad ideas start.

The number of states adopting early voting periods began to surge in the 1990s and included Florida, Nevada, Georgia, Tennessee and Iowa.

Now the Democrats and the Republicans are jockeying around, trying to get the advantage by changing the voting rules in every state. One day to vote is out – how about five days? How about 20 days? The sky is the limit.

The Democrats accuse the Republicans of feeling they will have the advantage if as few people as possible vote, so they say the Republicans are bending the rules so that in the future the only people who will be able to vote are white males over age 50 who earn $500,000 a year and hate every race and religion equally.

On the other hand, the Republicans say the Democrats are bending the rules to get everyone to vote at least three times.

They say the evil Democrats are for changing the early voting rules so every day of the week is Election Day. Can’t sleep? Wake up in the middle of the night and you can go to an all-night voting place and cast a vote.

Do you have a dog? Can he count to three by using his paw to tap the ground? Then he’s smart enough to cast a write-in early vote.

A pox on both their homes.

Both sides are not interested in honest elections. Both sides are only interested in winning and power.

Joe Biden has the nerve to call Georgia “Jim Crow” for changing their election law, despite the fact that when they finished changing the election rules in Georgia, the rules were still less restrictive than the rules in Biden’s beloved Delaware, his home state.

So where is all this taking us?

My wife, the beautiful Judy Licht, and I are lost.

We were pro-choice, pro-immigration, pro-trade, anti-packing-the-Supreme-Court, free-market libertarians who voted Republican until Trump swallowed the Republican Party.

We won’t vote for Biden again. We sense he’s pushing us toward inflation and sooner or later he will run out of billionaires to tax and he will come after the middle class.

So we realize that we’re a Silent Minority and we have no one to vote for.

I would bet there are a few of you reading this who feel the same way.

It’s worse with local politics. In New York City, all that the people who live here want to do is to replace Mayor Bill de Blasio, who is everyone’s choice as the single worst mayor in our history, and that goes back to Peter Stuyvesant.

To begin with, why is it that every large city in this country that is plagued by corruption and crime is run by a dopey Democrat?

Isn’t time we gave a dopey Republican the chance to screw up a large city?

Have you seen the crew of Democrats who are looking to be mayor of New York?


We have Andrew Yang, who is jumping around like he’s overdosed on some “happy pills.” Andrew Yang appears to have the attention span of a zucchini.

We have Scott Springer, who is what the word “nebbish” is all about. He’s terminally timid and he looks secretly happy that a dicey woman, who is a political lobbyist, is accusing him of touching her leg 20 years ago.

Then there’s Kathryn Garcia, who claims she was a star garbage-collecting executive in the de Blasio administration, which is like the man who wanted to be named Admiral of the U.S. Navy because he was the navigator on the Titanic. Plus I can’t have an opinion on her because she looks too much like my old geometry teacher at Lafayette High School and that gives me the chills.

Let me warn you about Maya Wiley, who is the most dangerous person running for mayor. She has dopey Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s endorsement and if she is elected she would destroy the New York Police Department. Have you had it with innocent people being slashed on the subway...Chinese grandmothers being assaulted by mentally ill monsters? You ain’t seen nothing yet. If this wacko gets into office and if you vote for her, every time another innocent black infant is shot dead by a stray gangbanger’s bullet I say you have to believe your vote helped it to happen.

Finally you have my choice for our next mayor, Eric Adams, the current Brooklyn borough president. He may not be perfect, but if public safety is the main concern we have in this city, Eric Adams can help make this the great city that it once was.

I want all the loonies put into loony bins where they can’t hurt themselves or others. Bring back hospitals for the mentally insane. Get them off our streets.

And now let me say the words that make everyone nuts: stop and frisk.

I want our next mayor to put together a stop-and-frisk army of 200 young, dedicated black police officers and I want them to go into high-crime gangbanger neighborhoods and save the lives of all the innocent people who are in danger today of being hit by a stray bullet.


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