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I got my second covid vaccine last Friday.

Good thing, because I’m so old and so susceptible I could have caught covid over the telephone.

My wife, the beautiful Judy Licht, got her second vaccine two days later.

Then there was an unfortunate conflict over the reactions we each had to the shots.

I was achy and I ran a fever of 100.0. Judy was achy and had a fever of 101.9.

This hurt my feelings because I’m very competitive when it comes to fevers, and as the man of the house I felt my fever should have been higher.

So I was grouchy and denied it when Judy said, “I think you’re jealous of my high fever.” She nailed me.

Being stuck in this house since last March 12, 2020, has turned me from an amusing old fart into a creepy adolescent.

Who’s left to hate these days?

The woke people? The politically correct idiots? The MeToo munchkins? They’re so pathetic in their creepiness that it’s hard to hate them, but they’re dangerous and are wearing down people and winning a lot of conflicts everywhere.

They want to change the way we speak…the way we think…the way we eat…

They’re not to be hated, they are to be laughed at. They really believe if they can ban words they can change the world? What idiots. What hopeless idiots.

Check out those school board idiots in San Francisco who, instead of helping the children in their care get an education, have decided the first job they must do is change the names of the schools in San Francisco.

San Francisco, under the political rule of these woke fools, has gone from being one the most beautiful cities in the United States to what it is today, a nightmare.

It’s overrun with homeless, mentally ill, professional vagrants who think nothing of publicly defiling what used to be pristine streets filled with happy, carefree people.

The political bleeding hearts, not satisfied with destroying San Francisco, are now hell-bent on changing the names of 44 schools named after Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton, Lincoln and Paul Revere. Yes, they’re even taking Paul Revere’s name off a school on some trumped-up charge.

These school board woke idiots are led by school board president Gabriela López, a bilingual elementary school teacher who at 28 is the youngest woman ever elected to office in San Francisco. Three weeks ago the school board approved the renaming of schools in seeking to exclude affiliations with racism, slavery, colonization etc. etc.

They want to erase history.

They won’t.

History will swallow them up and never even bother to spit them out.

My guess is 10 years from now the students who would have gone to Abraham Lincoln High School – named after the president who saved the Union and ended slavery – will be attending a second-rate school named Gabriela López High School. No, they won’t be learning about American history. They will be taught that according to woke, American history didn’t start until 2020.

Our country is on a slippery slope in every area with good people being pushed to the wall by the know-it-all woke warriors.

Take, for example, what Jay Snider – a prominent collector and supporter of the Getty Museum in Los Angeles – recently revealed.

The museum now has a new document which showers itself with blame for being racist and vows its staff will “reflect the diversity of Southern California and the nation” in the future.

Snider says, “I don’t think there’s a trustee or anyone in management who believes this mea culpa of racism.”

“It’s pure Marxism. What they should be striving to do is reach Martin Luther King’s dream and evaluate things objectively based on their intrinsic value or on art world standards. It either meets these standards or it doesn’t and it’s regardless of the color of the artist.”

Smart man, Jay Snider. Hope they listen to him.

I think racists are the dumbest, most useless people in the world. I’ve always felt that way. However, lately the racist tag is being given to every institution, every person.

In the long run, good people will tire of hearing the racist tag and those ugly people who are truly racist are not listening and don’t care and will get away with their senseless prejudices.

The brilliant Matt Taibbi recently wrote that Raymond Chandler once said that when he ran out of ideas, he just had a character burst into a room with a gun.

2021 op-ed writers in the same predicament could insert random nouns into a “Mad Libs” template: “Is/Are _____ Racist?” Everything from: Is knitting racist? Is Jesus racist? Are botanical gardens racist? Are women racist? Is dieting racist? Are mermaids racist? Is Scrabble racist? and perhaps a hundred other things made the cut, to the point where it became a bottomless running gag for inevitable cancel-culture targets.

And finally, I read a good book I think you’ll like. It’s called “Ticking Clock: Behind the Scenes at 60 Minutes” by Ira Rosen.

It will show you what an incredible prick Mike Wallace, the great interviewer, was.

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