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Everyone says this is a crazy idea.

Everyone I run it by says it won’t work.

But how many more innocent 10-year-old kids, sitting in school, have to be killed by a maniac armed with an AR-15 assault weapon before we outlaw assault weapons?

Here’s my idea.

Let me start by saying:

I don’t like Biden any more than you do.

But here’s a plan that will make him a hero, change his disgusting poll numbers and will possibly help him to get some votes from parents of small children, should he decide to run again.

It’s as simple as this:

As president, Joe Biden is in charge of the Armed Forces.

If he says he wants the Navy to build an $87 million battleship, he’s the head of the Navy, and they will have to grant him his wish and build an $87 million battleship.

If he wants to send soldiers to fight and die in some God-forsaken country, he will say it’s not a war, so that he doesn’t need Congressional approval. He will say it’s a “police action,” just as Truman did during the Korean War and Bush did in Afghanistan.

Biden is president and head of the Armed Forces. Here’s what he must do:

As soon as possible, he must make a much-publicized speech to the nation and announce that as head of the Armed Forces he is declaring that AR-15 assault weapons will no longer be sold to or used by civilians, and they can only be used by the Armed Forces.

He will point out that an AR-15 assault weapon was first developed in the late 1950s as a military rifle.

Like a tank or a hand grenade or a cannon, it is a military weapon for mass killing and can no longer be used by civilians.

In his stumbling, bumbling way he must make it clear that he is not taking away hand guns and hunting rifles, but he is drafting assault weapons into the Army.

My point is, if the head of the Armed Forces can’t decide that AR-15 assault weapons are dangerous and must be banned from being used by citizens, who can? Ted Cruz? Mitch McConnell? Kevin McCarthy?

To make up for their loss, Biden will offer a sizable reward/price that the Armed Forces will pay for every assault weapon that is now owned by a civilian.

This offer will last until all assault weapons are banned and illegal on September 1, 2022.

Paying to buy back assault weapons will cost hundreds of millions of dollars, but it will be worth it.

Those politicians who talk about the 2nd Amendment won’t be able to jive their gun-loving public.

Hand guns and hunting rifles won’t be outlawed. Just AR-15 assault rifles, which are killing machines.

The AR-15 can fire 45 rounds per minute. Modified with a bump stock, it can fire 400 rounds per minute or more. The bullet from an AR-15 leaves the muzzle at 3,300 feet per second to rip apart the body of an innocent child.

To make his point he will, as Susie Linfield suggested in a New York Times article, shock the nation by showing the shattered face of what was previously a child, and he will ask us all to contemplate the terror of her last moments.

Of course, there will be screaming and pontificating by many Republican politicians and, of course, the NRA.

The NRA will sue, claiming that Biden has violated the 2nd Amendment, and there will be hundreds of Republican politicians on their side.

This is when I suggest we fight fire with fire.

For them, may I suggest an ad that will run in every major newspaper in the country.

The top of the ad will show pictures of the children who were killed by AR-15 assault weapons in Texas and Sandy Hook.

The line under the children’s pictures will read:

“These are the children whose bodies were ripped apart by a maniac with an AR-15 assault weapon.”

Under the pictures of the children will be pictures of all the politicians who were fighting the ban.

The line under them will read:

“These are the maniac politicians who still want AR-15 assault weapons, which might someday kill your child, to exist.”

If my idea fails, we must declare war on all politicians and refuse to give them even a penny campaign contribution, until they get together and ban assault weapons.

We must go on strike against every politician. We must not settle for gun age restrictions and background checks.

That’s how politicians will cloud the issue.

They will not stop a maniac with an AR-15 who wants to go into a school and kill children.

This is a fight we can’t lose.

If you agree, pass this column on to a newspaper or to someone in power who can help us.

Please join me. We must do this for our children, for our grandchildren and for our beautiful, still-to-be-born great-grandchildren.

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