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Updated: Jul 21, 2018

How did they do it?

How did they fool us all these years into thinking they were so smart?

“We know what’s good for you,” said the liberals.

“We know what’s good for the world,” they insisted.

Now along comes Donald Trump.

He’s dumb, inarticulate and corrupt as hell, and he’s winning.

Do you think Trump disgraced himself yesterday in Helsinki by openly showing the world that he is Putin’s butt boy?

Forget it. To the millions of Trump voters, once again Donald “told it as it is.”

Mark my words: In a week, Trump’s pathetic performance will be forgotten and once again Trump will lie and cloud the mind every decent person who was shocked at his selling out our country.

Once again, as he did on election day, Trump will leave liberals and Democrats in the dust.

They’re not smart enough to stop Trump. Heck, they’re not smart enough to even slow him down.

Just look at how they treated his election victory in 2016.

The liberals’ first great idea was to march around right after the election carrying signs saying, “HE’S NOT MY PRESIDENT.”

How brilliant. Trump got 62,979,879 votes and won the number that counts – he won the electoral vote 304 to 227, and they were going to stop him by waving signs.

OK, so “He’s Not My President” failed to force Trump out of office in disgrace.

Next the liberals decided they would just get Trump impeached. Forget that – 62,979,879 people voted for him.

Enter Special Counsel Robert Mueller probing for the obvious: collusion.

Clearly there was collusion between Trump and the Russians to get him elected. That’s why he couldn’t admit in Helsinki that the Russians were involved. Trump just threw our intelligence agencies under the bus.

Want more proof that Trump, his kids, Paul Manafort and the rest of his slimy team were up to their ears in collusion with Russia? Every day for the past year and a half that Trump has been in office he has said, “There was NO COLLUSION with the Russians.”

Here’s all you need to know about Trump: Every time he opens his mouth he is lying.

Want to know the clear giveaway that Trump is lying? His lips move.

And when he repeated that there was no collusion 500 days in a row, it was a sure thing that there was collusion.

If Trump wanted to fool us he would have said, “YES, THERE WAS COLLUSION.” Then everyone would have said, “He’s lying again. Clearly there was no collusion.”

So what’s causing millions of so-called smart Democrats and liberals to lose their war with dopey, yet shifty, Donald Trump?

Blame the New York Times, CNN and an overwhelming part of the national media. Liberals read and listen to the daily thumping of Trump by these media outlets. It’s preaching to the converted. All that this does is convince the 62,979,879 people who voted for Trump that he’s doing a great job and the Fake News Press is picking on him.

It doesn’t change one Trump voter’s mind that every single day the press has a headline knocking Trump. “METS LOSE, TRUMP’S FAULT.”

My favorite was a recent editorial in the New York Times about the push by United States delegates to the World Health Organization to water down or scrap a simple resolution meant to encourage breast-feeding in underdeveloped countries.

The Times editorial was headlined:


When I read that, did I think of underdeveloped countries?

No, I thought of overdeveloped Stormy Daniels and her giant fake rock-hard boobs.

I can understand why Donald Trump and his experience with Stormy left him afraid of her breasts. A man could chip a tooth on one of those monsters.

Is there a solution? Yes, a simple one. Go after Trump for a horrible decision he made that even his most loyal followers can’t forgive: his separating children from their parents who entered the country illegally and putting hundreds of kids in cages.

All it would take is an advertising budget of 8 to 10 million dollars. An amount that a good man like Michael Bloomberg can come up with without a sweat.

The goal of the advertising will not be to criticize the 62,979,879 people who voted for Trump. They are, for the most part, good people and loyal Americans.

They’re not the enemy – Trump is.

The advertising will reach out and try to get a small percentage of them to reconsider their vote in 2020.

How small? Of the close to 3 million Trump voters in Pennsylvania, a change of less than 40,000 votes would swing the state against Trump.

Only 22,000 votes would swing the state of Wisconsin against Trump. 104,000 votes swings Florida.

Imagine a commercial just running in rural portions of Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and any other state where the vote was close.

Video for 30 seconds would be that heartbreaking video we all saw where you heard two-year-old and five-year-old babies in cages crying, “Mommy … Daddy …”

A voice-over says, “You saw and heard these children when Donald Trump separated them from their parents and put them in cages for months. If you voted for Donald Trump in 2016, when you vote in 2020, think of your children. Show what a good caring person you are. Get Donald Trump out of office before he destroys our country.”

There will be commercials in Wisconsin that will reach out to cheese-makers who are going out of business because of Trump’s insane tariffs.

Trump can be beaten in 2020 if Republicans, Democrats and liberals get smarter. How about a coalition candidate who will reach middle-of-the-road voters of every party.

One caveat: If the liberals decide to nominate Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren, my suggestion is they add the word “Again” to their old signs saying, “He’s Not My President.”

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