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It was a routine flight. Eastern Airlines 401. New York to Miami.

The pilot, Captain Albin “Bob” Loft, was in the cockpit along with three other experienced crew members.

They were minutes away from touchdown when someone in the cockpit noticed a light on the instrument panel that appeared to have burned out.

It was not important to the safety of the flight, but in seconds the entire cockpit crew became preoccupied with a burned-out light. They even removed the light assembly.

They stared and they talked about the light.

This small burned-out light became more important than the operation of the plane.

They talked about it and stared at it as precious minutes went by.

No one was flying the plane; they were all staring at the light.

They failed to notice that the autopilot had inadvertently been disconnected and, as a result, the aircraft gradually was losing altitude.

First officer John Stockstill was the first to notice a discrepancy. The following conversation was later recovered from the flight voice recorder:

Stockstill: We did something to the altitude.

Loft: What?

Stockstill: We’re still at 2,000 feet, right?

Loft: Hey—what’s happening here?

Less than 10 seconds after this exchange, Loft and Stockstill were dead, along with 96 of the 171 passengers on the plane. The jetliner had crashed into the Everglades, all because the crew couldn’t stop staring at a malfunctioning little light.

Watch closely, the Democrats are about to crash because they are wasting their time and the country’s patience staring at the light that is the Mueller Report. And like Eastern flight 401, on November 3rd, 2020, the Democrats are going to crash and give Donald Trump four more years.

They can’t stop reading and interpreting the Mueller report and looking in it for ways to impeach Donald Trump.

What a waste of time. What a stupid waste of time.

Yes, the House can vote to impeach Trump, but the Republican-controlled Senate will acquit him and this will make him stronger and meaner than ever.

Trump is like a vampire – neither impeachment nor the truth can kill him. The economy is stronger than ever under his reign and unemployment is lower than ever and this is the blood that a vampire like Trump must drink to stay alive until 2020.

And as for the immigrant kids as young as two years old he has separated from their parents and thrown into cages, Trump will tell the big lie and pretend he didn’t have anything to do with it.

He will go on lying every day and the more than 63 million people who voted for him will love every lie and celebrate how he is beating the media and the system.

While Democrats are staring at the light of the Mueller report, a disastrous non-entity like socialist Bernie Sanders is now the top candidate for the Democratic nomination for president. He is beating such losers as Kirsten Gillibrand, frantic Elizabeth Warren, Beto O’Rourke and, would you believe, corrupt Bill de Blasio and sweet old Joe Biden, among others.

Bernie will beat them all for the nomination and that would be the end of the world.

It may be meaningless posturing, but last week two staunch lifelong Democrats and a moderate Republican who, like me, voted for Hillary over Trump have said, “If Sanders gets the Democratic nomination in 2020 I will vote for Trump.”

Latest joke going around: Bernie Sanders walks into a bar and yells, “Free drinks for everyone! Who’s buying?”

So while the Democrats are staring at the broken light that is the Mueller Report and concentrating on plans that I like to call “Facebook Fantasies,” there is a candidate they should be celebrating and cheering and that’s Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

He’s young. He’s brilliant. He’s gay.

He has the smarts and the attitude and the style that can beat Bernie and all the others and beat Donald Trump in 2020.

Put him with a vice president like Cory Booker and you win a lot of votes that Hillary couldn’t swing.

A gay and black ticket?

Look at it this way: All those people who would be against this are voting for Trump anyway, so what do the Democrats have to lose?

Of course Mayor Pete would have to survive being slimed by Bernie Sanders’ followers. It appears Joe Biden didn’t.

What would the sliming of Mayor Pete be like?

Well, there will be the man who will claim that he was in a bar with Mayor Pete 11 years ago, and to make a point in a conversation Mayor Pete put his hand on his shoulder and kept it there for nine seconds, which this man will say made him very uncomfortable and he’s thought about it every day since.

Then of course there will be the man who claims he was a childhood friend of Mayor Pete’s and when they were nine they went into a local candy store and he saw Pete Buttigieg pick up a pack of Topps Bubble Gum and slip it into his pocket and not pay for it. The man will say that Pete’s theft of a pack of bubble gum has been on his conscience for years and he has been treated for years by a shrink.

There may even be some gay #MeToo stuff – that’s always effective in ruining a good person.

This sliming of Mayor Pete will be in the spirit of a woman who claimed that Joe Biden smelled her hair and that’s why he shouldn’t be president.

Pete Buttigieg is young, strong, smart, articulate and a good man. He will survive the sliming and win.

Anyway, this is a plea for Democrats to get behind Mayor Pete, and just stop obsessing on the broken light that is the Mueller Report while the country crashes.

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