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WE’RE F*CKED (11/3/20)

The following is an excerpt from his “subscriber only” post by the brilliant Matt Taibbi.

Taibbi has this to say about Joe Biden: “The Worst Choice Ever.”

Then he lowered the boom on Biden with these Hunter Thompson-like words:

“Joe Biden is a corpse with hair plugs whose idea of ‘empathy’ is to jam fingers in the sternums of people who ask the wrong questions, or call them ‘fat’ or ‘full of shit,’ or dare them to ‘try me’ – and that’s if he remembers what state he’s in. Is he a better human than Donald Trump? Probably, but his mental decline has hit Lloyd Bridges-in-‘Hot-Shots!’ levels and he shares troubling characteristics with the president, beginning with a pathological struggle with truth.

“Biden spent much of 2020 lying about everything from his Iraq War vote to his educational history to a fantasy about being arrested in South Africa with Nelson Mandela. The same press that killed him for this behavior in the past let it all slide this time. Same with the growing ledger of handsy-uncle incidents that had adolescent girls and campaigning politicians alike wondering why a vice president needs to smell their hair or plant lingering kisses on their heads while cameras flash.

“Biden’s entire argument for the presidency, and it’s a powerful one, is his opponent. This week’s election is not a choice between ‘light or darkness,’ but ‘pretty much anything or Donald Trump,’ and only in that context is this disintegrating, bilious iteration of Scranton Joe even distantly credible as a choice for the world’s most powerful office.”

After reading Mr. Taibbi’s words I am off to vote.

Today, with one hand on the ballot and the other hand holding my nose, I will cast my vote for Joe Biden for president of the United States.

I will do it for my one-year-old grandson Teddy, because should there be four more years of Donald Trump as president, I don’t know what will be left of this country for Teddy to grow up in and enjoy.

Let me explain myself.

Not all Germans were Nazis in the 1930s and at first they agreed with Hitler’s speeches about making Germany great again.

Not all Italians were fascists and Mussolini promised to deliver a more efficient regime. And yes, the trains ran on time again, but the Italians, like the Germans, found themselves under the spell of evil and it eventually twisted their spirit, their conscience and, finally, it affected their lives.

Donald Trump is a Hitler/Mussolini wannabe.

He is Hitler and Mussolini picking up innocent, gullible followers in 1933.

Like Hitler and Mussolini, he’s doing it by riding on some early success.

This is from an excellent recent editorial in the Wall Street Journal:

“Mr. Trump’s first-term accomplishments are real and better than we expected in 2016… In his first term as president…he deserves policy credit for the pre-pandemic economy. His tax reform made U.S. corporations more competitive and encouraged the repatriation of hundreds of billions in capital. Unleashing energy production created tens of thousands of well-paying jobs and made the U.S. less dependent on foreign oil. The growth acceleration created a tight labor market that raised wages for millions left behind by the slow-growth Obama years.”

All this is fine, but none of it buys my Republican vote.

I truly believe that Donald Trump is mentally unbalanced and left to his own devices will bring about a horrific change in this, the country that I love.

He’s mentally ill and he is not getting better. In the next four years he can only get worse. He is a delusional vulgarian who will snap and the result will be a catastrophe for him and for the country.

He has the rhetoric that turns nice, sweet, good people like my friends and neighbors into stormtroopers.

We have never had a malevolent maniac like Donald Trump leading this country and let us hope, with God’s help, we never will again.

To my friends who voted for Donald Trump and my friends who are voting for Joe Biden, let me leave you with these four words:

Nikki Haley in 2024.

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