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Oh. My. God.

Did I just write that?

Oh, am I in trouble now.

11 lousy words and now 70% of the country hates me.

I will have no friends because everyone I know hates Trump.

Let me try to explain.

Let me talk about the elephant that’s not just in the room but is living in all of our heads.

Are you happy that you can go out now because you got your vaccine shots?

Isn’t it great that your parents and relatives and friends all got their shots and you can kiss each other without having a mask come between you and the people you love?

Don’t you enjoy being able to eat inside a restaurant instead of at a bus stop?

Well, let me break it to you as gently as I can.

Without Donald Trump’s terrorizing bureaucrats, pushing, bullying, cutting corners, and sleazy semi-criminal methods of approaching everything – whether it’s the construction of a building or developing a life-saving vaccine – there would not be a Covid-19 vaccine today, and hundreds of thousands of people who received their shots and are alive might be dead.

We might be India. We might be Brazil.

The Covid-19 vaccines were developed in record time.

Never before in our history has our government moved this fast.

At one point Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Covid-19 guru who has been wrong more often than your local TV weatherman, but is just as cute, said, “If it works out we may have a vaccine by the summer of 2021.” How many of us would be dead by then?

Here’s a good explanation of the process Trump called Operation Warp Speed:

Scientists began work on the Covid-19 vaccine in January 2020. Dedicated vaccine funding helped move vaccine candidates through the pre-clinical/clinical assessments and trials both quickly and thoughtfully. This enabled researchers to advance into phase 3 clinical trials (testing the vaccine on large groups of people to evaluate safety and effectiveness) IN SIX MONTHS INSTEAD OF THE TYPICAL TWO YEARS. The vaccine was mass-produced before the clinical studies were complete to save time.

Trump even named General Gustave F. Perna, who served as commander of Army Materiel Command, as chief operating officer of Operation Warp Speed.

Trump knew this was a war and he got a general to move us with incredible speed.

The media will never give Trump credit for the vaccine.

Liberals, Democrats and quite a few Republicans would not give him credit for the speed with which the vaccine was developed.

And many people reading this won’t give him credit.

It’s true that Trump pushed the development of the vaccine for all the wrong reasons.

But what was new about that?

Trump did everything for the wrong reasons.

And so he saw that Covid-19, the disease that he said at times did not exist, was about to lose him the election.

So he moved and he moved fast.

He predicted that a vaccine would be ready before Election Day, November of 2020, and it was, barely.

It’s so easy to forget Trump’s role and instead everyone is giving all the credit to Joe Biden for doing a wonderful job in getting the vaccine into the arms of millions.

And the truth is Biden has done a wonderful job, but where would he be if the vaccine was still being developed and in the hands of the real villains in the development of any life-saving medicine: the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In their desire to always be 100% right, it doesn’t matter to them how many people die or suffer while they hold up approval of a drug for years or stop a drug that is working great for an insane reason.

They destroyed the Johnson & Johnson vaccine by calling for a pause in its use because there were 6 cases where a blood clot developed after getting the shot. That’s 6 out of more than 7 million life-saving shots. By doing that they have killed thousands, and they frightened millions who weren’t sure about getting a shot into never getting one and putting themselves and their families in danger.

The CDC and the FDA should have to answer for their wasting years and lives.

What took so long for a drug to save the lives of gay men to be approved?

Do you have a parent suffering from Alzheimer’s? Ask the FDA why they are holding up Biogen’s Aducanumab, a monoclonal antibody drug which is the first disease-modifying medicine to show efficacy in the treatment of Alzheimer’s.

There are many other life-saving medical marvels that must be taken out of the hands of the bureaucrats and released for the good of mankind.

Let’s make Trump, a bad man, a good example of how we can get life-saving drugs to people twice as fast as in the past.

You and I may hate him, but he did it, and it won’t kill us to give him credit.

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