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In New York City on July 12, Davell Gardner, a sweet little one-year-old baby, was sitting in his stroller at a family barbecue. All of a sudden shots rang out and a wild stray shot went through the baby's diaper and into his stomach, killing him instantly.

At his funeral yesterday, the Daily News described how the flowers "surrounded a tiny blue and gray casket that was no bigger than the box that held his toys. The mini coffin was painted with characters from the 'Cocomelon' show Davell liked to watch with his dad. A stuffed Elmo doll and a tiny teddy bear sat on top, oblivious to the sadness that surrounded them."

Tell me why Mayor Bill de Blasio shouldn't be indicted as an accomplice in this baby's death.

No, he didn't pull the trigger, but he made it possible for the guns that were used in the shoot-out to be in the possession of two young black killers who shot at each other and killed this beautiful innocent black child.

Just like RICO was used to indict Mafia leaders who sat at the top of gangs that were committing crimes – many of which the Mafia leaders hadn't ordered but were still held responsible for.

Can't we use RICO to indict Mayor de Blasio because he defunded and disbanded the 600-member NYPD undercover anti-crime unit whose primary duties were to get the guns like the gun that killed Davell Gardner off the streets? De Blasio reassigned the police who could have kept those guns out of the hands of those crazed young killers. If this isn't a crime, what is?

At last count, in just this month there were 15 murders of young blacks. Two of the fatalities were teens killed in a drive-by shooting at a basketball court.

Every time a young black child's life is snuffed out by black killers who clearly don't believe that all Black Lives Matter, Bill de Blasio shows up on television and says no parent should have to see their child killed this way. His solution? Let's build another basketball court so that someday blacks will give up their guns, pick up a cliché basketball, love all police officers and play nicely with each other.

Instead of Bill de Blasio's idiot ideas, let's stop the carnage. Let's clean up what used to be the greatest city in the world until de Blasio and his corrupt gangsters took hold of it.

Let's bring back Stop and Frisk. It works. It has saved black lives in the past and it will save black lives in the future.

Instead of having it implemented by white policemen, whom many blacks have said used Stop and Frisk as an instrument of racism, let's put Stop and Frisk in the hands of a force of 1,000 smart, young, dedicated black cops.

Let's call this black police group the Davell Gardner Brigade.

Let's move Black Lives Matter from a slogan to a life-saving reality.

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30 de jul. de 2020

Well stated Jerry. My hood on UWS is currently housing sex offenders in luxury hotels. De Blasio, Gale Brewer, et all are driving the city to ruin.

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