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I’m sorry to hear that New York Governor Kathy Hochul has Covid.

I hope she’s OK and I pray that the Covid doesn’t settle in one of those weird eyebrows of hers.

Governor Hochul is a good-looking woman except for those creepy dark eyebrows that seem to have a life of their own.

A good friend of mine swears that he’s had nightmares of the governor’s eyebrows chasing him down the street.


So yesterday the New York Times won several Pulitzer Prizes.

That doesn’t make up for the fact that they ran a disgusting article last week outing the late, great Mayor Edward Koch as a closeted homosexual.

Shame on the Times.

Koch, a wonderful man and a great mayor, didn’t need to be the subject of a mean-spirited titillating expose.

He’s dead. Let him and his secrets rest in peace.

To begin with, when Koch was running for office in the 60s and 70s and 80s, he felt that he could not get elected if New Yorkers knew he was gay.

Of course, there were rumors.

Don’t forget Andrew Cuomo’s slogan when Koch ran against his father, Mario:

“Vote for Cuomo! Not the homo!”

In those years, when I was running my advertising agency, there were a number of people we hired who were in the closet.

After a few days, when they realized that I didn’t give a damn and nobody in the agency gave a damn what their sexual preferences were, they relaxed and came out of the closet.

They then had great, happy, successful careers working with us.

Sadly, we were an exception to the rule.

In those days, in some companies and especially for anyone in politics, it was a time when careers and lives were ended by stupid and evil people who were gay haters.

At one point, I was angry that in the advertising industry, on average, a gay person’s salary was thousands of dollars less than a straight person’s.

I felt it was unfair.

So I started a group called “Straights for Gays” and got some top executives, including David Mahoney, head of Norton Simon, to join me in the fight.

The one person who turned me down was a good friend who headed up a great agency.

He was in the closet and couldn’t take the chance.


It looks like Roe v. Wade is going to be dead.

Here’s an idea that may help thousands of women should they need to get an abortion.

Those women who live in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, California don’t have to worry. Nothing will change.

But what about the women who live in Tulsa, Oklahoma; Houston, Texas; St. Joseph, Missouri or any one of the other 40 or so states in the middle of the country?

The answer is buses. They will be called Women’s Freedom Buses.

We will need about 80 buses to travel daily to cities where abortion is not allowed and pick up women and take them to a city where it is allowed.

This must be a private venture.

We don’t need politicians to muck this up like they are doing now.

Besides, this can’t be paid for with tax dollars. That wouldn’t be fair to the pro-lifers.

So, we will need millions of dollars from people who believe in pro-choice.

I’m talking about Jeff Bezos dollars, Elon Musk dollars, Bill Gates dollars, etc. etc.

Planned Parenthood can be our point people.

There will be ads urging women to call and find out when the Women’s Freedom Bus will be coming to their town.

Here’s how it will work:

A bus will travel to a city, let’s say St. Louis.

The word will go out to every doctor in town to tell their patients who need the service.

The word will go out to everyone on the internet.

The Women’s Freedom Bus will be waiting.

The bus will take a woman, in this case, just a few miles to Illinois, where choice is honored.

There is precedent. Last week CBS Sunday Morning ran a story about how last year the Planned Parenthood chapter in St. Louis, where abortion is almost totally outlawed, sent 3,000 women to nearby Illinois for a safe, successful procedure.

The buses will travel to every city in the middle of the country and pick up people every week.

They will be taken, for free, to a hospital in another city in another state where choice is honored.

It will be a great hospital, and everything will be free.

It’s going to take millions of donated dollars.

But if you believe in freedom, like I do, it will be worth it.

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