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The joke goes:

How many bureaucrats does it take to screw in a light bulb?

The answer:

Two. One to assure everyone that everything possible is being done and they are working as fast as they can, while the other spends a long time thinking and thinking and thinking and finally screws the light bulb into the water faucet.

Or as a wise man named Evan Esar put it:

“Bureaucracy is more people doing less things and taking more time to do them worse.”

This time the bureaucracy joke is on you and me.

This time some hopeless bureaucrats are playing with our lives.

You start with the “Prince of Bureaucrats,” an idiot named Steve Hahn, who heads up the Food and Drug Administration.

Hahn, along with the rest of his team of bureaucrats, is taking weeks to clear and authorize the Pfizer vaccine.

Meantime, thousands of American are dying every day.

“We are taking the time that we need,” says Hahn, scheduling still another meeting to take place in a few weeks.

Members of an FDA advisory committee that must convene to review the data and issue its recommendations have expressed no desire to meet any sooner.

Four members of the panel all said the agency should not try to move any faster.

“It takes a few months usually to review these kinds of data, and now this has been shortened to a few weeks,” said Hana El Sahly, a FDA researcher at the Baylor College of Medicine.

I’m sure the families of the 2000 Americans who died yesterday and the families of the 2000 Americans who will die tomorrow wished that someone had lit a fire under Hana El Sahly’s ass and the process had been speeded up.

Please understand. The FDA doesn’t do any experiments. They invent or develop nothing. Their only job is to review documents submitted by the scientists and the manufacturer of the vaccine.

This shouldn’t take weeks. This shouldn’t take days … this should take hours.

The FDA has an annual budget of $3.16 billion and at last count 14,824 employees.

Is it possible that they could find at least 10 competent employees out of the 14,824 and have them go into a room and review the documents and clear Pfizer to go full speed ahead, saving thousands of lives?

Last week the United Kingdom became the first country to clear the Pfizer vaccine. A few days later Russia cleared their own vaccine. Every country in the world is moving faster than we are.

At the rate we’re going, thanks to the FDA, Americans will be dying and we will be the 26th country to have a vaccine (which was developed by Americans) approved, just two days after Bolivia and Ethiopia.

This is an emergency. Why the hell aren’t Biden and Trump doing something about it?

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