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Why did I write a column last week that made so many liberals mad at me?

Didn’t I know that liberals are always right, or at least the liberal’s motto is, “I think therefore I’m right and you’re not”?

Facts? Liberals don’t need no stinking facts.

Why did I open my dumb mouth and get embroiled in the Brett Kavanaugh mess?

Of course he assaulted a girl at a party 35 years ago when he was 17 years old in high school. She says he did – isn’t that enough for us?

Just look at that ugly Kavanaugh Republican face. He’s guilty as hell, and do you want to know why he’s guilty? Because he’s denying it ever happened— the fiend.

And how dare I question the sainted MeToo movement.

Why did I write: “How far should the MeToo movement go back in a person’s life? They are now at the high school level – what’s next? Elementary school? Kindergarten?”

And to top it off, why did I say that I played doctor with a girl when I was 5 years old and I wondered if, at the rate MeToo was going back in people’s lives, if that would keep me from ever being considered for the Supreme Court.

That was not equating rape with a five-year-old playing doctor, but those liberals who wrote in to Facebook jumped to that conclusion because it suited their argument.

Did I endorse Brett Kavanaugh and say I was in favor of his going on to the Supreme Court?

No. This is exactly the opposite of what I wrote.

What I wrote was: “I have always personally believed that you can’t have too conservative a president nor too liberal a Supreme Court. So I feel screwed because we are stuck with a Loony Tunes president and I’m certainly not a big fan of his nominee Brett Kavanaugh.”

Here are a few of the people who jumped on me on Facebook:

Seth Fried, Nancy Tuber, Debra Castaldo, Jon Zilber, Sigurd Mednieks, Mark Neuwirth, Tod Seiner, Andrew Saint James, Deborah Colitti, Steve Belgrad, Marsha Garelick, Jax Loewll, Richard Ekstract, Peggy Moore, Susan Silver, Pat Mucciaccio, Michael Draznin, Ellen Whitford, Deborah Frost, Julie Keyes, Rommy Revson, Robert Gigilotti, Barbara Kent, Bruce Ginsberg, Tom Lulevitch, Sue Llewellyn.

I think the mildest remark they made about me was that I was a disgusting old white man who hated women.

One of them, a person with the name Michael Draznin, unfriended me on Facebook. Although I never knew he was my friend, I cried myself to sleep that night.

Today, as I write this, I think about the loss of the friendship of this person I never knew named Michael Draznin and I find myself sobbing all over my computer.

All this has me thinking of Merrick Brian Garland, who in March 2016 was selected by President Barack Obama to be in the Supreme Court.

Garland, a liberal, would have, in my opinion, been a great member of the Court.

Let me repeat that for liberals and Democrats whose minds are so clouded by their hatred of Republicans that they can’t read:

I believe Merrick Garland would have been a great Supreme Court Justice.

Unfortunately, Garland got aced out of being appointed by that sanctimonious prick Mitch McConnell, who took a page out of the Harry Reid dirty playbook and kept Merrick Garland from being voted on by the Senate.

So now let’s play a game.

Let’s play the truth game.

Reread my column of last week that gave so many of you liberals an attack of the vapors and keep every word, but replace Brett Kavanaugh’s name with Merrick Garland’s.

Now let us imagine that a Republican MeToo woman (does such a person exist in the world?) claims that when she and Garland attended Niles West High School in Skokie, Illinois, Garland – at the age of 17 – attacked her at a party.

No, don’t tell me that Garland is a Democrat and they don’t do things like that.

Because I say: Bill Clinton, Bill Clinton, Bill Clinton, JFK, Bobby and Ted Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Anthony Weiner, Eliot Spitzer, and on and on and on.

So ask yourself this question. Would you be as outraged if the Supreme Court candidate I wrote about in my column was Garland, a Democrat, as you were at Kavanaugh, a Republican?

Is this all about politics?

Is this (you should pardon the expression) tit for tat?

Has your hatred for that monster Donald Trump stripped away your sense of fairness and decency?

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