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Let me start from the beginning.

I’m old. Very old.

I’m trying to avoid getting Covid-19 because I know that it will make short work of a person of my age and lousy condition.

In April, Pfizer and Moderna announced that they have a “booster shot” for people who were smart enough to get vaccinated and now feel that with the highly infectious Delta variant causing breakthrough infections they need another shot.

What a great idea – a booster to make our vaccine work even better.

A booster shot will be wonderful for many people who, like me and my wife, the beautiful Judy Licht, rushed to get their shots as soon as they could get them.

I’m not talking about the yokels who waited and pontificated and refused shots and are now painfully dying in hospitals around the country at an alarming rate.

Or those assholes in New York City who refused to get a shot until that idiot Mayor Bill de Blasio decided to give them a hundred dollars (of taxpayers’ money) as an extortion payment.

Yes, they are charging you and me money in order to get a vaccine that will save their worthless lives.

Let me point out there are some people who feel they have a legitimate reason not to be vaccinated. Right or wrong, they can’t be bought.

But those “pay-me-and-I-will-get-vaccinated” creeps are disgusting. They should be ignored and left to live or die and let’s give the hundred dollars to a homeless hungry family.

Instead of encouraging Pfizer and Moderna, though, the CDC did what they have done with every medical advance: they took their own sweet time to approve the booster shot.

Finally, as of August 13, 2021, the FDA has authorized the use of a third dose for certain immunocompromised individuals who have received either the Pfizer or Moderna two-dose vaccine. This action was taken to allow doctors to boost immunity in certain individuals who have a compromised immune system and who may need extra protection against Covid-19.

That’s wonderful and it’s about time.

But what about the men and women over age 65 who have gotten their shots, are worried about breakthrough infections, and don’t want to wait months for a booster shot?

This is not a question of whether or not a booster shot will be approved. It will be approved. It’s safe and effective and has been used in Israel for months. This is a question of time.

Here’s the real question. How many men and women over 65 have to die before we can get a booster shot?

A recently published statistic showed that very few people who are double-vaccinated are hospitalized and die from the Delta virus. But of those few who die, 75% are over 60 years old.

Let’s face it: If Donald Trump, a horrible president and a horrible man, had not pushed through a Covid vaccine in Operation Warp Speed or whatever the hell he called it, the CDC would have done what they always have done about allowing a new medicine or vaccine to come on the market.

They would have meetings and conferences and days would go by, then weeks, then months, then years.

And right now you and I would be gargling with Purell to fend off the virus while hundreds of thousands of good people would have died before the CDC and the FDA felt it was safe for their precious reputations to approve a vaccine.

Am I exaggerating?

Please note the FDA still hasn’t given any Covid vaccine their “full” approval.

Why, after almost a year and a half and after hundreds of millions have been vaccinated, is the FDA taking so long to fully approve the Covid vaccines?

Because they can.

The new booster vaccine is there for everyone. The approval isn’t.

Our lives are too important to be left in the hands of the CDC.

If you’re confused about Covid, it’s not your fault.

Here’s how the so-called scientists of the CDC have played with your mind:

At first we were told by the CDC to wash our hands 27 to 50 times a day.

Purell stock hit new highs.

Have you noticed that no one has mentioned hand-washing in the last year?

Anyone want to buy 27 bottles of Purell?

We were told to wear gloves.

Then they said you don’t need gloves.

Masks…no masks.

Vaccinated people don’t need a mask.

Vaccinated people must wear a mask indoors.

Anthony Fauci, the CDC poster child, announced that people should wear a double mask.

A few weeks later he said they wouldn’t need a mask at all.

The CDC, the FDA and the World Health Organization claim they’re scientists.

I say they’re bureaucrats in white coats.

Every week there’s another cover-their-ass announcement.

“Remember the irrefutable scientific fact we told you to follow last week?”

“Forget it. Here’s this week’s irrefutable scientific fact that you must follow or you will die.”

In the end, if you’re over 60, the CDC’s fake pride is gambling with your life.

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